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your current security posture and rapidly address the most pressing information security issues.

Does your organization have a known problem in information security field or you simply want to increase the security level without knowing where to start? We can perform cost-effective and rapid analysis of your ICT environment pinpointing the most acute issues and assisting you with mitigating them.


your environment by designing and implementing comprehensive long-term information security strategy.

Is your organization striving for comprehensive and efficient information security management with high long-term added value? We will design Information Security Strategy following frameworks like ISO 27001 and PSI DSS, among others, and provide you with necessary assistance and experience to embed such Information Security Strategy seamlessly into your daily operations.


existing loopholes in your defenses by stress-testing it from attacker’s perspective.

Are you doubtful whether the overall security of your ICT infrastructure or software product is up to the expected standard or that it would withstand the targeted attack? We can provide you with peace of mind by performing comprehensive vulnerability assessment or penetration test, highlighting potential issues and advising you how to mitigate them and avoid them in the future.


to impactful information security incidents in appropriate manner in order to reduce the negative consequences

Has information security inside your organization already been breached or are you suspicious that something is not right? Our extensive expertise in intrusion detection and reverse engineering will help you uncover the high-profile security incidents including hacking intrusions or malware infections. Naturally, we will also assist you in taking necessary actions to reduce the impact of the breach and to prevent it from re-occurring.

Success stories

Asseco success story task description:

Auxilium Cyber Security was approached by Asseco Solutions with the requirement to improve the overall information security level in an organized, cost-effective and sustainable fashion. Asseco Solutions is multinational company with heterogeneous ICT systems managed by multiple national ICT departments and management structures. One of the critical requirements was to ensure that the same level of information security and service will be provided to each national branch.

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ENISA success story task description:

The Cyber Exercise Platform is a web portal developed and operated by ENISA in order to support the management of their compound cyber exercises and host a comprehensive map of forthcoming and past exercises. Auxilium Cyber Security was tasked by ENISA to perform thorough information security audit of the Cyber Exercise Platform against internal secure development guidelines setting good practices for secure web applications. Any identified gaps were to be documented and fixed by Auxilium Cyber Security in scope of the project.

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Why is Information Security Important to you?


In today's Digital Economy cyber threats, critical infrastructure availability, intellectual property security and personal data protection are key considerations for the success of any organization, enterprise or individual.

The question we could ask is if we really know or are aware of what is going on in our company, computers, and applications as well as outsourced services we are currently using.

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Auxilium protects customers, partners and individuals as well as what they value most (freedom, privacy, protected business operations, protection against unauthorized access and attacks).

We have years of experience in global security, consulting, training, security audits and penetration tests that are legendary (we find and capture what others could not because we do not rely on automated security solutions, but on our profound understanding of every given technology).

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Our products and services are standards based and focused on business value as well as delivering accurate and timely information. As cyber threats and security become more complex due to cyber warfare, espionage and crime, you need a partner that has been there and can help you protect and defend your business and revenue against cyber criminals and other attacks that happen every day. Many attacks and breaches go undetected, stealing data and information, disrupting businesses and personal lives every day.

How are we different?

When we do information security consulting, trainings, security audits & penetration tests, forensics or provide you with one of our in-house developed security products we look at how your business and you work. We understand that efficient information security must boost your day-to-day business activities and not to limit them.

Information Security is not about black boxes and automated scanning technology. Information Security is about trust, skills, experience and results that matter and can be measured. Everything we do strengthens your business critical information security and sensitive data and information protection.

Security is business critical procedure, its purpose is to protect your revenue generating processes and to protect your investments including those into the proprietary intellectual property. We will always provide you with cost-effective information security taking into account the risks that are affecting your environment and value of the protected assets allowing you to maintain the security level appropriate for the nature of your organization.

Efficiently we use standards including ISO 27000, EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679), NIST Cybersecurity framework, PCI DSS and alike wherever and whenever applicable and desirable. Our mission is to help you achieve and surpass your information security goals by applying our information security experience, our proactive security team methodology and actionable threat intelligence.

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